Thats right!!! NEW & IMPROVED!!! Everything Wazteland all right here in one place for Youuuu!!! We got MUSIC!!! We got VIDEOS!!! We got FAT BITCHS SUCKIN ON CHEERIOS......well, we aint got that... BUT IT'S STILL DOPE!!! So stick around a while and check it out.While you're here Make Sure to JOIN Our Mailing Lizt to the RIGHT! And as always....STAY NAZTY!!!

Wish Granted!!! 

The Wazteland Warriorz are back and this time they are going truly independent, reintroducing themselves worldwide via their own record label 13th Shockra!!!
They will be delivering their back catalog consisting of 3 albums to the world like a virus the likes of which the world has never seen!!! Be sure to get them all so that you know the whole story before the next magickal chapter is opened!!!



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